The great thing about our tax coaching services is the way we are able to help small business owners adjust to the demands of being responsible for such complicated and lengthy tax filings. While some business owners may take a hands on approach with regards to their own taxes, others may prefer to have an in-house accountant or financial expert take care of these matters. Our company can also provide coaching and guidance to these individuals, especially if they need to get up to speed with any changes made to the tax code over the past five or six years.

The personal coaching program on business taxation includes a number of services, such as monthly personal coaching calls that are made to the individual who is getting the bulk of the coaching. If a business owner would like multiple employees to get the coaching at one time, the program may involve conference calls or web sessions to help facilitate the learning. In-person meetings are also a part of the package, depending on what is more convenient for the individuals involved with the session. During these meetings, calls or web sessions, our professionals will go through every aspect of filling taxes for small and medium-sized businesses.

Not only are these consultations a great way for new businesses to get the hang of filing their own taxes in 2017 and beyond, but they are also useful for existing business owners. If you feel as though you are paying too much in taxes, and your tax managers are not taking full advantage of the small business loopholes available in the IRS regulations, our tax coaching sessions are a great way to learn about how you can save thousands of dollars on your taxes every single year. And we are happy to provide refresher courses every year, depending on what changes are made to the tax code.